I continiously get the following error when ı try to knit RMD file to pdf.

"incomplete final row has been found. I downloaded miktex, and downloaded all the updates. what is the issue, any idea?

here is the link for RDS file: https://github.com/MEF-BDA503/pj18-gokceezeroglu/blob/master/ranking2017.rds

here is the link for example RMD file: https://github.com/MEF-BDA503/pj18-gokceezeroglu/blob/master/example.Rmd

  • Can you get it to knit to a .html? – Joseph Clark McIntyre Jan 6 at 19:47
  • yes I can, but ı need R markdown generated pdf document. – Gokce Jan 6 at 19:52
  • I was just asking because that might help to diagnose what's going on. I think, though, that this will be hard to do unless you can post a reproducible example. Can you post enough of the .Rmd so that I can replicate the failure to compile to pdf? If you look at the log, does it indicate where the problem is occurring? – Joseph Clark McIntyre Jan 6 at 19:56
  • How can ı reach log file?and more importantly how can I interpret the error over log file? read_log( "access.log", skip=0, col_names=FALSE ) is not working for R 3.5.1 – Gokce Jan 6 at 20:26
  • If you're using R Studio, the console should have a tab called log right after you try to compile. Beyond that, I'm not sure where to look. – Joseph Clark McIntyre Jan 6 at 20:29

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