I am using Moar. It is possible to create perl6 executables now?

I have source codes developed on machineA and I want to run it on machineB which is about 3 times faster than machineA, but I don't want people on machineB to be able to look at the source codes.

Or do I have to change to Java VM?

If it is not possible to create perl6 executables, what is the best way to protect company/department intellectual properties?

Thank you very much !!!



For simple stuff and if you are running it by your own hand on machineB, you may try to decrypt the source within your program or to STDOUT and then feed it to perl6. There are many options for encryption and decryption, for example, one-time pad, gpg or even read things off securely via sockets at machineA. Here is a proof of concept example using zip and unzip,

cat my.p6
for 1 .. 5 { say rand }
zip -e my.zip my.p6
Enter password:
Verify password:
adding: my.p6 (stored 0%)
unzip -p my.zip | perl6
[my.zip] my.p6 password:

As for doing encryption with one-time pad on shell level, a script (requires openssl and ssh) will be used,

./sshencdec.sh -p ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub < my.p6 > my.p6.enc
./sshencdec.sh -s ~/.ssh/id_rsa  < my.p6.enc | perl6
Enter pass phrase for /home/david/.ssh/id_rsa:
cat my.p6.enc
-- encrypted with https://git.e.tern.al/s2/sshencdec
-- keys
-- key
-- /key
-- /keys

So behind the scenes the flow goes like this,

  • encrypt the SECRET to SECRET.enc with a PAD using a strong cipher (the script used AES 256)
  • protect the PAD with asymmetric encryption to produce PAD.enc ( SSH + RSA in this case)
  • Now you will need SECRET.enc, PAD.enc and the private key pass phrase to perform the needful decryption (the script conveniently merge the first two into a single file)

This is useful when you need to share your file (using others public key as long as you can figure out the safe key exchange part)

As for in program operations, AFAIK there isn't any module similar to this in the ecosystems yet, but then you may draw idea from here to build your own helper class/module.

  • Smart! Thank you very much hkdtam!!! I will do a little configuring with the parameters and the interactive part and then I think I will be good to go. Thanks!!! – lisprogtor Jan 9 at 6:58
  • brilliant! hkdtam , i liked the idea could you show example of using one-time pad if possible? – jsor Jan 13 at 23:44
  • @jsor, please see my update and hope this helps. – hkdtam Jan 14 at 10:54

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