Anyone know how to display the date like this?


I currently have this which adds leading 0 to the month

$(LC_ALL=nn_NO.UTF-8 date +'%-d-%m-%Y')

like this


I use these in lynx dump commands

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You have already removed the padding for the day, why not do the same for the month?

$ date +'%-d-%-m-%Y'

Here's a list of all padding modifiers from man date:

By default, date pads numeric fields with zeroes. The following optional flags may follow '%':

- (hyphen) do not pad the field

_ (underscore) pad with spaces

0 (zero) pad with zeros

^ use upper case if possible

# use opposite case if possible

After any flags comes an optional field width, as a decimal number; then an optional modifier, which is either E to use the locale's alternate representations if available, or O to use the locale's alternate numeric symbols if available.

  • Thanks. I didnt actually know I was doing that.
    – Chris
    Jan 6, 2019 at 22:31

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