I've implemented a method that gets all the ICompilationUnit from a selected eclipse project. but I need to get the metrics of these files, such as how many lines a method has.

I was given the checkstyle to get the metrics, but I do not know how to get those metrics.

I'm using checkstyle to get the metrics, but I'm not sure how to get these metrics.

public  List<ICompilationUnit> getCompilationUnits(IJavaProject javaProject) throws NullPointerException {
    List<ICompilationUnit> units = new LinkedList<ICompilationUnit>();
        try {
                IPackageFragmentRoot[] packageFragmentRoots = javaProject.getAllPackageFragmentRoots();
                for(int i = 0; i < packageFragmentRoots.length; i++) {
                IPackageFragmentRoot packageFragmentRoot = packageFragmentRoots[i];
                IJavaElement[] fragments = packageFragmentRoot.getChildren();
                for(int j = 0; j < fragments.length; j++) {
                   IPackageFragment fragment = (IPackageFragment)fragments[j];
                   IJavaElement[] javaElements = fragment.getChildren();
                   for(int k = 0; k < javaElements.length; k++) {
                      IJavaElement javaElement = javaElements[k];
                      if(javaElement.getElementType() == IJavaElement.COMPILATION_UNIT) {
                         units.add( (ICompilationUnit)javaElement);
          catch(Exception e) {

          return units;

This is the code I use to get a list with all the ICompilationUnit of a project.

What would be the best way to get metrics from one of these ICompilationUnit using checkstyle?.

Edit: How I can generate an AST using the existing checkstyle methods to parse the IJavaProject obtained ?

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    Checkstyle is a static analyzer on the source code. It doesn't work with other trees like eclipse besides it's own. – rveach Jan 7 at 0:16
  • Some way to pass the code I want to parse and get the metrics using your tree? – Artur S. Farias Jan 7 at 0:57
  • Have you checked their developer documentation? checkstyle.sourceforge.net/writinglisteners.html – nitind Jan 7 at 2:12
  • Have you tried using a parser like JavaParser instead? – barfuin Jan 7 at 9:33
  • I just tried using AST from eclipse and using PMD, in case PMD can not find anything in the documentation for this. – Artur S. Farias Jan 7 at 12:01

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