I'm learning c++ and I have initialized a variable (vector of a vector of chars) and then added a function prototype, and then called that function in main.

But I am seeing error: no matching function for call to 'std::vector<std::vector<char> >::vector(<brace-enclosed initializer list>)'

I think the error message is saying:

"Hey, you tried to call a function 'std::vector<std::vector<char> >::vector(<brace-enclosed initializer list>)' but it doesn't exist."

But as far as I can tell, I never tried to call it as a function, I just tried to initialize it as a variable.

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

int main()
    std::vector<std::vector<char>> board {{"5","3",".",".","7",".",".",".","."},{"6",".",".","1","9","5",".",".","."},{".","9","8",".",".",".",".","6","."},{"8",".",".",".","6",".",".",".","3"},{"4",".",".","8",".","3",".",".","1"},{"7",".",".",".","2",".",".",".","6"},{".","6",".",".",".",".","2","8","."},{".",".",".","4","1","9",".",".","5"},{".",".",".",".","8",".",".","7","9"}};
    return 0;
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    Expressions like "5" are not char. They are strings/char arrays (double quoted). In order to initialize a vector of char, use char literals like '5', '3' (single quoted) – texasbruce Jan 7 at 2:18
  • It would've been more clear if it said "no matching constructor ...", but the compiler calling it a function isn't much of a stretch – kmdreko Jan 7 at 2:22

When you define an object of std::vector, the appropriate constructor will be selected to initialize the object. The compiler is just complaining that the appropriate constructor can't be found. Note that the constructor is also a function.

The issue here is that the inner vector's element type is char, but "5" and "3" and so on are c-style strings, i.e. const char[2]s, not chars.

Change all the " to '.

std::vector<std::vector<char>> board {{'5','3','.','.','7','.','.','.','.'},{'6','.','.','1','9','5','.','.','.'},{'.','9','8','.','.','.','.','6','.'},{'8','.','.','.','6','.','.','.','3'},{'4','.','.','8','.','3','.','.','1'},{'7','.','.','.','2','.','.','.','6'},{'.','6','.','.','.','.','2','8','.'},{'.','.','.','4','1','9','.','.','5'},{'.','.','.','.','8','.','.','7','9'}};

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