I have a column called "fullname" in the table(source) which I would like to split into four columns (TITLE, FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST) and load into another table(target).

For Individuals, the convention is the LAST TITLE! FIRST MIDDLE: abc xxx! def ghi (format in source table) For Organization it would be - "Names of businesses are followed by an exclamation point: ABC SOLUTIONS!" (format in source table)

So for Organization, I should move the entire string to FIRST (column name in target table). Individuals, the name should be split into LAST, FIRST, MID. Word Preceding the exclamation is TITLE.

I have tried many ways and searched in a couple of sites for the solution but I couldn't able to get an apt solution. Can someone help how to write a query for the above requirement?

Thanks in Advance!

  • how about using split()? – Gaurang Shah Jan 7 at 5:51
  • Can you kindly post expected results? – saravanatn Jan 7 at 7:05
  • @GaurangShah yes I tried it but not able to divide names as per the requirement. – nani6583 Jan 8 at 2:49
  • Source expected result fullname LAST TITLE FIRST MIDDLE ABC SOLUTIONS! ABC SOLUTIONS ABC XXX! DEF GHI ABC XXX DEF GHI – nani6583 Jan 8 at 2:58

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