I am using regexp_split_to_array to split a text in words by cutting of white space as following:

select regexp_split_to_array('  this   is    just    me   ', '\s+');

This gives:


I want to have:


Is there a way to remove the leading and trailing white space when applying regexp_split_to_array?

  • try: select regexp_split_to_array(' this is just me '.strip(), \s+'); – Mika72 Jan 7 at 9:16

I suggest the inverse approach: match any char(s) other than whitespace with \S+ regex pattern:

select regexp_matches('  this   is    just    me   ', '\S+', 'g')

See the online demo. Note that 'g' argument will enable multiple matching.

enter image description here

Use unnest on the regexp matches to expand an array to a set of rows if necessary.

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    This is a smart approach. This avoids having to process the input text twice, which is the case with trim. – Absonegative Jan 7 at 9:31

This should do it:

SELECT REGEXP_SPLIT_TO_ARRAY(TRIM('  this   is    just    me   '), '\s+');

TRIM with no parameters will remove both leading and trailing whitespace from a string.


Try using trim on the string before passing it to regex_split_to_array function:

select regexp_split_to_array(trim('  this   is    just    me   '), '\s+');
  • try to highlight the keywords and be clear with the format it will help to reach out your answer for others – Agilanbu Jan 7 at 9:27

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