I’m trying to sign in anonymously from a Web app using the JS SDK and it works great on some environments, but on one environment, the exact same code that’s working elsewhere is giving me a 403:

(index):64 {“error”:{“code”:403,“message”:“Requests from referer https://myapp.firebaseapp.com/ are blocked.“,”errors”:[{“message”:“Requests from referer https://myapp.firebaseapp.com/ are blocked.“,”domain”:“global”,“reason”:“forbidden”}],“status”:“PERMISSION_DENIED”}}

Yet I think I checked everything is the same in all environments: anonymous authentication is enabled and my web app is on Firebase Hosting so the code should be environment-independent.

Any idea where else this could come from?

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    were you able to find a solution? – Akshay komarla Feb 2 '19 at 17:24

It seems like you have set some referrer restrictions on your API key. You need to go to the Google Cloud Console and modify these restrictions on your API key.

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    Which API key? Because I checked that already, and the referrer restrictions seem to be consistent with other environments. – Sebastien Jan 8 '19 at 9:47

To make it work I've added the following "website restrictions" for my "Browser key":

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