I am trying to make a RDF corrector. One of the things I specifically want to correct are IRIs. My question is that, irrespective of the RDF format, is there anything that I can do to correct mistakes in the IRI? I understand there can be multiple number of mistakes, but what are the most generic mistakes that I can fix?

I am using ANTLR to make the corrector. I have extended the BaseErrorListener so that it gives out the errors made in the IRI in particular.


In my experience, the errors made in the real world depend on the source. A source may be systematically creating IRIs with spaces in, or have been binary copied between ISO-8859-1 ("latin") and UTF-8 (the correct format) which corrupts the UTF-8. These low level errors can be best fixed with a text editor on the input file (and correct the code generating them).

Try a few sample IRIs at http://www.sparql.org/iri-validator.html, which prints out warnings and errors, and is the same code as the parsers.

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