I'm having the same issue as: Why isn't Safari caching mp4 files?

But that question is 3 years old with no recent activity and only MY +1 so I wanted to repost the question as this is still an issue.

I have a PWA that plays media offline, but mp4s won't cached in iOS Safari. My setup works "everywhere" else (Desktop Chrome, Safari, IE as well as Android).

  • Maybe size? Hard to tell without your service worker code. Can you upload the code with your question? – William Walseth Jan 10 at 12:18
  • Is there a file size limit on mp4 files? I didn't post my code, originally, because it works fine, except for Safari mobile. But I'll redact any private code and post that if it will help. – Wayne F. Kaskie Jan 11 at 19:29

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