I've just started learning to code in Python and am getting started by writing a user details program.

I've got it working correctly to as how it should but I am stuck on how I can get a slash '/' to appear after the user enters in their first day of their date of birth. So when the user enters in 05051990. I want the interface to automatically show a slash '/' after the first 5 and then for the month before the year.

import os   
import time
def main():
    while True:
        username = input ("Enter your Username: ")
        password = input ("Enter your Password: ")
        dateofbirth = input ("Enter your Date of Birth: ")

        if username == 'james' and password == 'test' or 'James' and password == 'Test' and dateofbirth == '05/05/1990':
            print("Login successful!") 

            print("Incorrect login details")

def logged():
    print ("Welcome!")


interface photo

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    Opinion corner: as soon as you require more granulated control over user input than what input() can natively provide, that's the time to migrate to a GUI. – Kevin Jan 7 at 14:49
  • your code logic is flawed btw password == 'test' or 'James' – Jean-François Fabre Jan 7 at 14:51
  • or use getch to read char by char at a lower level – Jean-François Fabre Jan 7 at 14:52
  • I wanted to make it so if the user entered in details it would be case sensitive, should i change the 'or' to 'and'? – ghostlyP Jan 7 at 14:54
  • put the two and statements into brackets and add another username== before the second 'James' – Flob Jan 7 at 14:57

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