I am trying to upload an image I am taking from the camera but its not working with HTTP module. The backend developer said I need to:

The POST method to use is ‘multipart/form'. The image file will use the field name of ‘image’ (this will be passed in to the API PHP in $_FILES).

To pass in the ‘function’ : ‘mpostUserAvatar’ and the ‘userID’ : 123456 use the 'application/x-www-form_urlencoded'. This will pass into the $_POST for the API PHP.

In the past I used the HTTP module to post to their API like:

const requestBody = { 
                    function: 'mpostUserAvatar',
                    userID: this.$store.state.user.id

                    url: this.$apiURL,
                    method: "POST",
                    headers: { "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"},
                    content: this.$qs.stringify(requestBody)
                }).then((response) => {


                    const agResponse = response.content.toJSON();

                    console.dir( agResponse)

                }, (error) => {

Now if I add and image i tried:

const requestBody = { 
                    function: 'mpostUserAvatar',
                    userID: this.$store.state.user.id,
                    image: avatar //this is an image asset instance

Also tried changing the content type to:"Content-Type": "multipart/form"

How can I upload a file with "Content-Type": "multipart/form" and also send through parameters ( function and userID ) using "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

  • Can you try background-http module to see if it resolves your issue? – Baskar Jan 7 at 15:56
  • @Baskar see my comment on Manoj's post. I tried but I need to pass parameters too – Packy Jan 7 at 16:09

Multipart upload is not supported by the Http module. You have to either convert the image into base64 string and send it to server Or use the nativescript-background-http plugin which supports multi-part upload.


You will find an example for sending additional parameters in the ReadMe file.

var params = [
   { name: "function", value: "mpostUserAvatar" },
   { name: "userID", value: this.$store.state.user.id },
   { name: "image", filename: file, mimeType: "image/jpeg" }
var task = session.multipartUpload(params, request);
  • I looked at nativescript-background-http but I dont see on there how to pass the parameters function and userID – Packy Jan 7 at 16:08
  • Thanks! I will try that. I saw that params in the readme but didnt know you had to pass each as their own object – Packy Jan 7 at 16:44

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