I deployed this Wordpress kubernetes container: https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/google/wordpress?project

But I have a problem with upload the theme in Wordpress. The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

I can't find the file: php.ini. in the pods of kubernetes.

I tried to use plugin for edit php.ini in Wordpress https://wordpress.org/plugins/php-settings/ but it's no write the file.

Could someone help me with a step-by-step guide to modify the container's yaml or other solution?

  • Do You reload/restart server after changes done ? – Nik Horse Jan 8 at 10:27

You can execute 'kubectl get pods' to list the pods and then get into a shell using 'kubectl exec -it [POD_NAME] -- /bin/bash'. You can then follow methods mentiond in this link to change the value.

Another option is to create a ConfigMap with your custom configuration similar to this link to increase the size of the upload file size.

Then you need to go to your GKE workloads and in “wordpress-1-wordpress” workload of type “StatefulSet” you need to modify the YAML file where you can add the ConfigMap data to a Volume.

Another workaround is that, you can rebuild the image that you are using in a docker file.

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