I have the following issue. I need to put a selection of text of a third party (thus not Word / Excel...) application (see an example below of the selection), into the clipboard:

enter image description here

Doing this I may not use the solution "MSForms.DataObject" as the users who will use this wont have access to that library. And the send keys solution also doesn't work "Application.SendKeys "^c", True" as for whatever reason this simply doesn't activate the shortcut command. Thus the only other solution that I see, is to use an API. I did some extensive google searching for this and indeed there is code that puts e.g. strings into the clipboard (an example here):


Yet the code above only takes the already preset string found in the variable txt. What I would like to know is what I could use in order for the windows to take the selection into the clipboard or alternatively if there is a systemic way to say that the computer should use ctrl + c.

Thank you for any suggestions or ideas!

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