There is an unresolved external error in calling of register method of TPresentationProxyFactory, when passing the template based class TWinPresentationProxy__1, as the paramter, xxx is a TWinPresentation descendant class.

TPresentationProxyFactory::Current->Register('xxx', __classid(TWinPresentationProxy__1<xxx>));

It is interesting that the Delphi equivalent line of code is working! Also interesting that TWinPresentationProxy__1 is a PASCALIMPLEMENTATION class?

  • Sorry, correct line of code, TPresentationProxyFactory::Current->Register('xxx', __classid(TWinPresentationProxy__1<xxx>)); – Ramin Raeisi Jan 7 at 21:37
  • Error Message, [ilink32 Error] Error: Unresolved external 'Fmx::Presentation::Win::TWinPresentationProxy__1<WinGLPanel>::' referenced from C:\USERS\RR\DESKTOP\MDI\MDI\WIN32\DEBUG\GL_PANEL_WIN.OBJ – Ramin Raeisi Jan 7 at 21:38

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