I am trying to insert date in the date field by using selenium VBA web driver, the date field is not a free text field, I have to select calendar to insert the date. I can click on calendar icon by using this command


how to select date (07-01-2019) in the calendar

HTML Code:

                            <img src="themes/corporate/images/btnL3Calendar.gif" id="jscal_trigger_cf_898">         

            <!--add ended-->

                                <br><font size="1"><em old="(yyyy-mm-dd)">(dd-mm-yyyy)</em></font>

            <!--added by Nirbhay 27-03-2017 for restricted field editing-->
                            <script type="text/javascript" id="massedit_calendar_cf_898">
                Calendar.setup ({
                    inputField : "jscal_field_cf_898", ifFormat : "%d-%m-%Y", showsTime : false, button : "jscal_trigger_cf_898", singleClick : true, step : 1
            <!--add ended-->

enter image description here



  • html code:<img src="themes/corporate/images/btnL3Calendar.gif" id="jscal_trigger_cf_898"> – Ravikumar Mangipudi Jan 8 at 8:13
  • @QHarr, I have added code please check – Ravikumar Mangipudi Jan 8 at 8:55
  • Hummm...is this a public url? I suspect not. What I can see from the above is it appears there is an element you can click on to increment the date in what are, I assume, steps of 1 day.. That seems inefficient and I am guessing there are other methods for date selection - is there an input element for entering a date? – QHarr Jan 8 at 9:11
  • @QHarr the only option is select date from calendar – Ravikumar Mangipudi Jan 8 at 9:14
  • if you right click inspect on the number 7 shown what does the html show? – QHarr Jan 8 at 9:17

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