I try to transfer Ether from the contract to an address but it gives the error that the transaction is out of gas. I think it's a small problem but I can't find it. I have to specifically use solidity version 0.4.24.

The warning from Remix

The error from MetaMask

I have tried different methods, like:

address.call.value(amount)( );

All methods will give the same out of gas exception. and the send and call method will also give a warning that it's outdated and that I should use the transfer method.

I also tried to adjust the gas and it didn't work, I also tried the needed 2,300 for the transfer listed on the docs.

The code:

pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

contract TestContract {        
    function payAddress(address _address) external payable {

If the problem is that the contract doesn't have any Ether to transfer, can it use the Ether I send with the function call? Or is the problem something else?

Thank you for reading.


I have tried to send Ether to my Contract and that works, I do have Ether on my contract now, but the function still gives the same error as before. So the problem is something else.

Current code:

pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

contract TestContract {

    function() external payable { }

    function payContract() public payable {}

    function paySomeone(address _address, uint256 _amount) external {

    function getBalance() public view returns (uint256) {
         return address(this).balance;


The balance of the contract

The parameters I use

Same MetaMask error as before

As you can see here the balance of the contract is 10 wei, but when i try to send 9 wei it still gives the same out of gas error. I also still get the same error from Remix as before.

  • @GeertBraakman, could you share more about how you're testing this code? Are you testing in the JavaScript VM, via some local network, on a test network, etc.? What gas limit are you specifying when you call the function? – smarx Jan 9 at 6:41

I also post the issue on the Stack exchange and got an answer there. The issue was my Ganache version. I switched to the Robsten test network and it worked. I'll link the post here.


Yes. In order to send ether from contract to another address, first you must send some ether to the contract address. Take a look at this and this.

  • Hello, thank you for your help, I tried it but it didn't work. I edited my post with the new code. – Geert Braakman Jan 8 at 15:12

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