I have a .Net Service Fabric application which is deployed to different Azure clusters. Is there some API to know during run time in which Azure cluster region my code is running at?

The motivation behind this is that I want to change code behavior based on which region my code is running at.


In azure, you can use the Instance Metadada Service to query details about the VM where you application is running.

Something like this:

curl -H Metadata:true ""

Will return the compute information with location attribute:

  "compute": {
    "location": "westus",
    "name": "avset2",
    "offer": "UbuntuServer",
    "osType": "Linux",
    "placementGroupId": "",
    "platformFaultDomain": "1",
    "platformUpdateDomain": "1",
    "publisher": "Canonical",
    "resourceGroupName": "myrg",
    "sku": "16.04-LTS",
    "subscriptionId": "xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx",
    "tags": "",
    "version": "16.04.201708030",
    "vmId": "13f56399-bd52-4150-9748-7190aae1ff21",
    "vmScaleSetName": "",
    "vmSize": "Standard_D1",
    "zone": "1"
  "network": {
    "interface": [
        "ipv4": {
          "ipAddress": [
              "privateIpAddress": "",
              "publicIpAddress": "X.X.X.X"
          "subnet": [
              "address": "",
              "prefix": "24"
        "ipv6": {
          "ipAddress": []
        "macAddress": "000D3A36DDED"
  • Thanks, do you know if the only way is HTTP request? I would have expected to have an API exposed to get this info – ZiviMagic Jan 8 at 14:32
  • This is an API, provided by the service mentioned above. You could make an REST call using http client – Diego Mendes Jan 8 at 14:38

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