I have an IBM SPSS script that pulls data from spss and save as a csv file. Can i call this script directly using c#? Kindly help.

Script example

GET FILE='D:\Folder\spssFile.sav' /KEEP var1 var2 var3 . save translate out ="D:Folder\csvFile.csv" /type=csv /FIELDNAMES . EXECUTE.

  • You can execute anything on the command line from within C# (or any programming language, really). What have you tried? – David Jan 8 at 11:04
  • Welcome to StackOverflow. Please share what you've tried so far so that community can help. – Ozan Gunceler Jan 8 at 11:33

I guess there are many SPSS specific commands here and I suggest to use a SPSS library developed in .net

There are many online, you can google but maybe the following can be a nice starting point.


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