I have a table in SAS Enterprise Guide, I want to export the data to Excel File with password. im trying to use VBscript but its doesnt work.
please help

This is the vbScript name :

set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open ("D:\Acquisition.xlsx")
objWorkbook.SaveAs "D:\Acquisition_pss.xlsx",,"mypass"

And how i call the vbscript:

1. %sysexec cscript "D:\convert.vbs"
2. x "D:\convert.vbs"

this is the log : NOTE : WRITING TAGSETS.SASREPORT13(EGSR) Body file: EGSR

  • Please post any code you've tried, in particular, your VB script that isn't working would be helpful. – Reeza Jan 8 at 16:01
  • What profile is your EG session using ? – Richard Jan 9 at 6:09
  • that is my code, – Mr Bunny Jan 9 at 6:56
  • Have you looked at this? support.sas.com/kb/31/328.html – G. Belton Jan 16 at 14:52

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