I am calculating a lot of means on survey-data, where I have to use proportional weights.

Unfortunately, weights are not allowed with the command ci. I could use the mean command but I need to have the results stored, so I subsequently can put them into a matrix.

My loop-code looks like this:

local i = 1
foreach var of varlist hinst1 - hinst34 {
  ci varname if `var'==1  
  mat matname[`i',1]=r(mean)
  mat matname[`i',1]=r(lb)  
  mat matname[`i',1]=r(ub)  
  local ++i


It is possible to use aweights but I need pweights.


Using Stata's nhanes2f toy dataset as an example:

webuse nhanes2f, clear
svyset psuid [pweight=finalwgt], strata(stratid)

The svy prefix can be used as follows:

matrix A = J(3,3,.)

local i = 1

foreach var of varlist sex race region {
  svy: mean age if `var'==1 
  matrix res = r(table)
  matrix A[1,`i'] = res[1, 1]
  matrix A[2,`i'] = res[5, 1]
  matrix A[3,`i'] = res[6, 1]  
  local ++i

matrix list A

           c1         c2         c3
r1  41.898222  42.508557  43.133186
r2  41.206209  41.852839  42.034576
r3  42.590235  43.164274  44.231796

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