I want to discover all the destinations from solace (queues and topics)

I tried using MBeanServerConnection and query after names (but I didn't find a proper way to use this) or JNDI lookups Destination dest = (Destination) context.lookup(Dest_name), but I don't have the names of the queues/topics. I am using solace - jms library.

I am searching for smth like this: (but for solace, not activeMq) get all Queue from activeMQ


You will need to make use of SEMP over the management interface for this.

Sample commands:

curl -d '<rpc><show><queue><name>*</name></queue></show></rpc>' -u semp_username:semp_password http://your_management_ip:your_management_port/SEMP
curl -d '<rpc><show><topic-endpoint><name>*</name></topic-endpoint></show></rpc>' -u semp_username:semp_password http://your_management_ip:your_management_port/SEMP

Note that I'm using curl for simplicity, but any application can perform HTTP POSTs to execute these commands. If you are using Java, you can refer to the SempHttpSetRequest sample found within the Solace API samples.

Documentation on SEMP can be found here.

However, the larger question here is why do you need to discover all destinations?

One of the features of the message broker is to decouple the publishers and consumers.

If you need to know if your persistent message is being published to a topic with no consumers, you can make use of the reject-msg-to-sender-on-no-subscription-match setting in the publishing application's client-profile. This means that the publisher will obtain a negative acknowledgement in the event that it tries to publish a message on a topic that has no matching subscribers.

You can refer to "Handling Guaranteed Messages with No Matches" at https://docs.solace.com/Configuring-and-Managing/Configuring-Client-Profiles.htm for further details.

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