I have ECS service with 3 running tasks with linux docker container and light webservice. When I run terraform destroy, then it takes about 5-6 minutes to stop these tasks.

If stop them manually while it running, then it continues destroying other resources.

My question is: Is this expected time for destroying tasks? The whole process of destroying of a basic ECS cluster takes 8 minutes.

Logs from destroying Service with tasks:

2019-01-10T17:38:10 [DEBUG] module.ecs.aws_ecs_service.test-service: Still destroying... (ID: arn:aws:ecs:us-east-1:xxxxxxxx:service/test-service, 10s elapsed)
2019-01-10T17:38:11 [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-aws_v1.54.0_x4: 
2019-01-10T17:38:11 [DEBUG] Checking if ECS service arn:aws:ecs:us-east-1:xxxxxxxx:service:service/test-service is INACTIVE
2019-01-10T17:38:11 [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-aws_v1.54.0_x4: 2019-01-10T17:38:11 [DEBUG] [aws-sdk-go] DEBUG: Request ecs/DescribeServices Details:
2019-01-10T17:38:11 [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-aws_v1.54.0_x4: 2019/01/10 17:38:11 [DEBUG] [aws-sdk-go] DEBUG: Response ecs/DescribeServices Details:
2019-01-10T17:38:11 [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-aws_v1.54.0_x4: 2019/01/10 17:38:11 [DEBUG] ECS service (arn:aws:ecs:us-east-1:xxxxxxxx:service/test-service) is currently "DRAINING"
2019-01-10T17:38:11 [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-aws_v1.54.0_x4: 2019/01/10 17:38:11 [TRACE] Waiting 10s before next try

It's looping like that for about 6 minutes. If I go to AWS console, then I don't see a service but I see tasks with status "RUNNING" and if I manually STOP them, then destroy process continues to the next phase. You could try it with this repo, just make sure you have env variable TF_LOG set to at least DEBUG. In provided repo it will take less time, but you will see the same behavior.
Thanks for looking at this.

  • Can you show the output of terraform destroy? – ydaetskcoR Jan 9 at 9:26
  • @ydaetskcoR I added some logs there – Maxim Vershinin Jan 18 at 18:16

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