I am cleaning up a series of MP4 files using FFMPEG. I want to create a simple bat file script which moves the completed files (which are those which have a duration value), not the stubs of files in progress. This is the basic structure:

set SourcePath=C:\Source Folder
pushd %SourcePath%
move *.MP4 C:\Finished Folder

What options are available to use in the MOVE command to supress the moving of those files still in use by FFMPEG?

I did consider Robocopy's /minage or /minlad option for this, but the minimimum incremenent is DAYS, not seconds.

  • A file which is being used by another process can't be moved! – double-beep Jan 9 at 8:42
  • @double-beep - so, in effect, the solution I need occurs automatically? – juzzle Jan 10 at 0:46
  • Have you tried it? I am not so sure... Haven't tested. – double-beep Jan 10 at 6:32

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