I am using data attributes to use modal in react through carbon-components but the previous solution on bootstrap does not work.


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The documentation of carbon-components consists a demo which will show you the events which is fired in the demo page.

Modal Demo

The event is called onRequestClose which will get fired if clicked on the close button or out side the modal. The event returns the event object which you could check for the target and use preventDefault() to stop closing the modal.

Please refer to events here for an example on how to stop closing the modal.

Sample code for the example :

document.addEventListener('modal-beinghidden', function(evt) {
  if (myApplication.shouldModalKeptOpen(evt.target)) {
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  • can u please explain if I use the data attributes approach like <button data-modal-target = "# modal-Id"><div data-modal className="bx--modal"></div> then where can I use the event? there is no available event named onRequestClose when I use this approach to add listener – Bireswar Kundu Jan 9 '19 at 12:16

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