I have a unique problem with multibyte character strings and need to be able to shuffle, with some fair degree of randomness, a long UTF-8 encoded multibyte string in PHP without dropping or losing or repeating any of the characters.

In the PHP manual under str_shuffle there is a multi-byte function (the first user submitted one) that doesn't work: If I use a string with for example all the Japanese hiragana and katakana of string length (ex) 120 chars, I am returned a string that's 119 chars or 118 chars. Sometimes I've seen duplicate chars even though the original string doesn't have them. So that's not functional.

To make this more complex, I also need to include if possible Japanese UTF-8 newlines and line feeds and punctuation.

Can anyone with experience dealing in multiple languages with UTF-8 mb strings help? Does PHP have any built in functions to do this? str_shuffle is EXACTLY what I want. I just need it to also work on multibyte chars.

Thanks very much!

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Try splitting the string using mb_strlen and mb_substr to create an array, then using shuffle before joining it back together again. (Edit: As also demonstrated in @Frosty Z's answer.)

An example from the PHP interactive prompt:

php > $string = "Pretend I'm multibyte!";
php > $len = mb_strlen($string);
php > $sploded = array(); 
php > while($len-- > 0) { $sploded[] = mb_substr($string, $len, 1); }
php > shuffle($sploded);
php > echo join('', $sploded);
rmedt tmu nIb'lyi!eteP

You'll want to be sure to specify the encoding, where appropriate.

  • This was EXACTLY what I was looking for. You should include it in the PHP str_shuffle page.
    – Dave
    Mar 24, 2011 at 0:58

This should do the trick, too. I hope.

class String

    public function mbStrShuffle($string)
        $chars = $this->mbGetChars($string);
        return implode('', $chars);

    public function mbGetChars($string)
        $chars = [];

        for($i = 0, $length = mb_strlen($string); $i < $length; ++$i)
            $chars[] = mb_substr($string, $i, 1, 'UTF-8');

        return $chars;


I like to use this function:

function mb_str_shuffle($multibyte_string = "abcčćdđefghijklmnopqrsštuvwxyzžß,.-+'*?=)(/&%$#!~ˇ^˘°˛`˙´˝") {
    $characters_array = mb_str_split($multibyte_string);
    return implode('', $characters_array); // or join('', $characters_array); if you have a death wish (JK)
  1. Split string into an array of multibyte characters
  2. Shuffle the good guy array who doesn't care about his residents being multibyte
  3. Join the shuffled array together into a string

Of course I normally wouldn't have a default value for function's parameter.

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