I am trying to convert SAS code to Python.

In SAS I came across RANUNI function as below:

If RANUNI(&seed)<=size/temp then do

Could someone please help me to understand this SAS code and corresponding Python code

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    You need to post the actual SAS code. At least the full data step. But it looks like it is just an implementation of the K/N trick for selecting a random sample of size K from a dataset of size N in a single pass through the dataset. – Tom Jan 9 at 13:53
  • data verification; RETAIN SIZE &sampsize. TORK ; DROP SIZE TORK ; *DROP F: ; IF _N_=1 THEN TORK=TOTAL; SET Transactions NOBS=TOTAL; IF RANUNI(&seed.) <= SIZE/TORK THEN DO; OUTPUT; SIZE=SIZE-1; END; TORK=TORK-1; IF SIZE < 1 THEN STOP; run; – nikhilthms94 Jan 9 at 16:00

That is just a random sample of fixed size.

Here is a question on SO that shows how to do that using numpy.

Generate random subsample of fixed size of numpy array

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