When I use this code the 1st text fades out when second text fades in. This should not happen in this code:

I have tried the provided code in multiple ways but this is not working.

ffmpeg -y -i title.mp4 -filter_complex "[0:v]drawtext=fontsize=100:fontfile=tst.ttf:fontcolor=0xDEB887:shadowcolor=black:shadowx=5:shadowy=5:text='Top 5 Upcoming Samsung':x=50:y=200,format=yuva444p,fade=t=in:st=0.2:d=1:alpha=1[ovr1];[ovr1:v]drawtext=fontsize=100:fontfile=tst.ttf:fontcolor=0xDEB887:shadowcolor=black:shadowx=5:shadowy=5:text='SmartPhones in 2019':x=50:y=400,format=yuva444p,fade=t=in:st=2.2:d=1:alpha=1[ovr2];[0][ovr2]overlay" test.mp4

This should fade in 1st text at 0.2 seconds which should stay till the end of the video and 2nd text should fade in at 2.2 seconds and remain till end of video.

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