I need to change these parameters from English_United States.1252 toPortuguese_Brazil.1252 does anyone know how to do? Thank you.

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You need to set the collate and ctype parameters when you create database.

Please follow the postgresql article and try to execute below sql:

1.Create Encoding:

CREATE COLLATION "pb_PB.utf8" (lc_collate = 'Portuguese_Brazil', lc_ctype = 'Portuguese_Brazil');

2.Create DB:

CREATE DATABASE pb WITH ENCODING 'utf8' LC_COLLATE='Portuguese_Brazil' LC_CTYPE='Portuguese_Brazil' TEMPLATE=template0;

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Or maybe you could refer to this case:

Azure PostgreSQL Server Service Collation Create Error

  • I was able to create in Brazilian. But I'm still having an error when I'm coding the results of a query .. the bank is returning me an invalid character. àreturns me -> Thats generate a error in the json_encode = / Jan 10 '19 at 12:53

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