I can bind json data to jstree. I want to append html dom elements to each node with JQuery.

But I could only append elements to the parent nodes, with this code:

 $('#jstree').on('ready.jstree', function () {                            
                var listItems = $("#jstree ul li");
                listItems.each(function (idx, li) {
                      var product = $(li);                              
                      product.append('<div class="">link</div>');
                            'core': {
                                'data': jQuery.parseJSON(x)

appears like this:

parent     link
parent     link   

expect to display:

parent     link
    child  link
parent     link   

As each jstree-children is at first hidden without clicking their parent, elements doesn't appear in the child nodes.

fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/r4eguav1/

How can I append html elements to the children nodes in jstree?

  • Can you add an example of the HTML code itself, please? – TheNavigat Jan 9 at 20:50

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