I'm working on a xamarin app and the goal is to have the UI be adaptive for both phone and tablet and so far it seems Android has a far easier way to achieve this. I'm reading this article on the matter and it honestly don't make a lick of sense.

All I want is to have everything grow in portion to the view as it gets bigger because of screen size (like android does), every time I try to do it it just anchors the control to the right and it just drags it to the right.

I mainly just need some a simple explanation on how I can have everything grow with the view.

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    Well, in my opinion, autoLayout is more popular and easier to design UI between different device sizes. It's a Relative layout. – Jack Hua - MSFT Jan 10 at 3:08
  • I ended up going that way which was much nicer and easier to understand – Eman Jan 10 at 16:53

I finally figured it out, After some deep breathing I saw what I was missing when I was reading the documentation.

for me, I wanted to use the autosize options, which let me anchor it how I wanted it to and it correctly scales for me now.

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