I have an empty table temp_table with 2 columns, date and id. I need to populate it with dates from 01-jan-1990 till 31-Dec-2099 and then convert the date into a string (yyyymmdd).

The date format can be any I just need to convert it to a string at the end

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks, Tom

  • You should go for a proper date format and turn it into a string by using a suitable date format when you apply a select clause. Which DBMS are you using? – cars10m Jan 9 at 21:37
  • In the future please read the How to Ask section and show what you've tried, what you have and what you want. I've made a random guess below, but it could be entirely wrong. Having a date as a character is in general not a good idea because you can't do duration calculations with character variables. – Reeza Jan 9 at 21:51
  • For SQL-Server and MySQL as of version 8 a recursive CTE should be helpful. Maybe this page is helpful to you: use-the-index-luke.com/blog/2011-07-30/mysql-row-generator – cars10m Jan 9 at 21:54
  • i am sorry I was not clear at all. I am doing this in impala and I already tried the while loop but does not seem to work there – tom Jan 10 at 2:39

An alternate approach is to do everything in a data step

data calc_dates;
length date_str $10.;
do while (date<'31DEC2099'd); 
format date date9.;

You really do need to try something. A do loop is all that's needed here.

    *List of unique ID;
    data ids;
    do id=1 to 5;

    *list of dates;
    data dates;
    do date='01Jan1990'd to '31Dec2099'd;

    *full table;
    proc sql;
    create table want as
    select id, date format=yymmddn8., put(date, yymmddn8.) as date_char
    from ids, dates;

I think you need dates from 01-01-1990 to 31-12-2099 and then convert to string. below is the query to achieve that: declare @startdate date declare @enddate date

set @startdate = '1990-01-01' set @enddate = '2099-12-31'

select convert(varchar(10),DATEADD(day, Nbr -1 ,@startdate),112) as date1 from (select ROW_NUMBER() over(order by c.object_id) as Nbr from sys.columns c )t where Nbr-1 <= datediff(day,@startdate,@enddate)

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