Jupyter notebook is not opening kernels in my current environment. Running which jupyter in command line indicates the proper directory within the environment, my environment has nb_conda installed using conda_forge and also has ipykernel installed, I just updated conda to version 4.5.12. When I open jupyter notebook I am able to see a conda tab and my current environment shows up there but when I try to create a new notebook or change kernel within a notebook my current environment does not show up. When I run jupyter notebook in iterm (I am using zsh) I receive a message [nb_conda_kernels] enabled, 2 kernels found which is a problem because I have three kernels (root, an old environment, my current environment).

I've tried looking through different help forums on github and following the readme but I still haven't managed to get it to work. Any help would appreciated!

  • What do you get if you run conda info -e on your terminal? – swatchai Jan 10 at 7:54
  • $ conda info -e\\ # conda environments:\\ #\\ base /Users/japjot/anaconda3\\ oldenv /Users/japjot/anaconda3/envs/oldenv\\ currentenv * /Users/japjot/anaconda3/envs/currentenv Note: I am using \\ to indicate line seperations – Japjot Singh Jan 10 at 19:16
  • In the currentenv, try conda upgrade ipykernel. – swatchai Jan 11 at 3:38

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