this is an intermitent issue most of the time I'm Unable to connect to any VMR using the Solace .NET API.

After the API Context and ContextFactory setup has been done, I call the Connect Method the execution stalls and the LogDelegate Method gets called with an aparent deadlock message forever.

Notice - Sdk: 01:31:15 PM | solClientCondition.c:376 (00008538) solClient_session_connect for context 0, timed out waiting for wait for context cmd to complete | null

        public void Start()
            //Initialize properties from command line
            var contextProps = new ContextProperties();
            var sessionProps = new SessionProperties();

            sessionProps.Host = MachineName;
            sessionProps.VPNName = VpnName;
            sessionProps.UserName = User;
            sessionProps.Password = Password;

            // Solace Logger
            var contextFactoryProperties = new ContextFactoryProperties();
            contextFactoryProperties.SolClientLogLevel = SolLogLevel.Warning;
            contextFactoryProperties.LogDelegate += LogSolaceProcess;


            //Initialize Context
            _context = ContextFactory.Instance.CreateContext(contextProps, null);

            //Create and connect Session
            _session = _context.CreateSession(sessionProps, null, HandleSentMessages);
            ReturnCode returnCode = _session.Connect();

            if (returnCode != ReturnCode.SOLCLIENT_OK)
                throw new InvalidOperationException("Unable to connect with the VMR.");

        private void LogSolaceProcess(SolLogInfo logInfo)

I don't think this is a network related issue because I created a virtual machine and routed my connections through it and the same thing has happend. The code on the VM runs without any issue.

I've confirmed that Computer's Firewall is down and I have tried to connect to 2 different VMRs sitting on different network segments and I always get the same.

Checking on the computer's established connection list, no connection to the requested hosts is shown, so that makes me think that no socket has been opened by the time the waiting message comes up.

I have also tried to connect to these same VMRs using the .NET SDKPerf tool everything is just the same, but using the C version of the SDKPerf it gets connected no matter what.

Has Anyone expericed this kind of issue?

Thanks in Advance

  • Based on previous experience, this can occur on some operating systems when there's an issue with the creation of the internal udp socket that's being used for inter-thread communication. However, please share the full set of API logs at DEBUG so that the complete sequence of events can be seen. – Russell Sim Jan 14 at 1:39

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