For MPEG-4 video, using the ffmpeg source code, I want to access the residual DCT coefficients of a compressed video frame, during both encoding and decoding.

I see that the AVPacket struct has a uint8_t* data field, and I've found that this field consists of a variable-length array. However, I haven't found documentation on exactly what this array is, besides that it is "compressed data".

Does this array contain the residual DCT coefficients?

If so, how are the coefficients organized in the array? Given that most of the coefficients are discarded in the compressed frame and that the array is variable-length, it appears that this array is some kind of sparse representation?

If not, what data does this array contain? Also, could someone please point me to the function in the ffmpeg source code where the DCT coefficients can be accessed? I've been trying to trace back from higher-level functions like avcodec_send_packet() and avcodec_receive_frame() but have had a lot of difficulty in locating the correct function for accessing the DCT coefficients.

Edit: Specifically, I'm using MPEG-4, Part 2.

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    There are several different mpeg4 codecs and all have different structures. Each one has a specifications for example avc is mpeg4 part 10 and documented in ISO 14469-10 – szatmary Jan 10 at 3:52

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