I'm endeavouring to capture a segment of video from an RTSP (static not live) video stream using FFmpeg, however I'm not certain how this is achieved.

I am presently able to cut a segment of video from a local video file using a command similar to the one below:

ffmpeg -y -i input_video.mp4 -ss 0:04:41.215 -to 0:07:17.335 output_video.mp4

However commands similar to the above don't seem to be working for remote (RTSP) video files. I've taken a look around for ways in which this can be achieved, to no avail. I've come across information on capturing individual frames as well as methods of capturing RTSP video files for storage locally, but I can't seem to connect the dots to capture only a selected portion of the RTSP video.

Any help on this would be immensely appreciated.

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