I'm tring to install OCaml on windows 10, following this. When I run opam install depext command on Cygwin, I got an error:

The compilation of opam-depext failed at "C:\OCaml64\bin\make.exe".

context 2.0.0 | win32/x86_64 | | git+https://github.com/fdopen/opam-> > > > repository-mingw.git#opam2

path ~/.opam/4.07.1+msvc64c/.opam-switch/build/opam-depext.1.1.2

command C:\OCaml64\bin\make.exe

exit-code 2

env-file ~/.opam/log/opam-depext-9756-5f1023.env

output-file ~/.opam/log/opam-depext-9756-5f1023.out

operable program or batch file.

File "cmdliner/src/cmdliner.ml", line 1:

Error: Assembler error, input left in file C:\OCaml64\tmp\camlasme17f85.asm

ERROR while compiling opam-depext.1.1.2

<><> Error report <><><>

+- The following actions failed

| - build opam-depext 1.1.2


  • No changes have been performed

error screenshot

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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    do not put screenshot, copy and past the test. In addition you need to put how you arrive there. I do not see the relevance for cygwin as cygwin has its ocalm package – matzeri Jan 10 at 10:28
  • I just run the command opam install depext in cygwin, then I got there. – uncle liu Jan 10 at 13:40
  • Seems like a tool run attempt failed because the tool wasn't found. Possibly a path (that contain SPACEs) quote problem. Check any existing output / log files. – CristiFati Jan 10 at 13:45
  • Hi, @matzeri, I just edited my post, add more error information. Can you help me? – uncle liu Jan 10 at 13:46
  • Hi, @CristiFati. Maybe there is some space in my path, but I couldn't find it out. I installed it on C:\ocaml. And I posted more information about the error, can you help me to figure it out? – uncle liu Jan 10 at 13:52

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