I am writing a script to add events from a Google Form directly to a Google calendar with support for recurring events. The way I'm doing this is I check availability for every day the event is going to recur and then pass the busy and free dates as arrays in an object to my createEvent function. When I try to create a RecurrenceRule to add these dates to my calendar, it doesn't account for the 1 hour daylight savings shift but only in March (when the daylight shift happens). It works perfectly for April and May.

I've tried to set the same timezone for the recurrence and I even tried to account for daylight savings myself in the date array but to no avail. Here's basically what the function is:

function createEvent(event, availabilityObj) {
    var calendar = CalendarApp.getDefaultCalendar();

    var freeDates = availabilityObj.availableDates;

    var recurrence = CalendarApp.newRecurrence().setTimeZone("America/Chicago");
    for (var i = 0; i < freeDates.length; i++) {

    calendar.createEventSeries(event.name, event.start, event.end, recurrence);

I've read the documentation for the RecurrenceRule class but I didn't find a solution to this dilemma there. Does anyone know a fix to this problem other than just individually creating all the recurring events? Any and all help is appreciated!

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