I am trying to make a game in pygame. I have made an if statement which will blit an image when true, but it doesn't blit my image.

if loop_count >= 10:
    enemy3(enemy3_startx, enemy3_starty)
    print('loop count works')
enemy(enemy_startx, enemy_starty)
enemy2(enemy2_startx, enemy2_starty)

Loop is a counter that goes up by one every time an event happens in game. I want to start the image spawning when that count has reached ten. The thing is that it does print loop count works, but doesn't blit the image to the screen. And, when I take the enemy3() out of the if statement, it does blit the image just like car, enemy and enemy2. Why is this?

  • can you share you enemy3() code? – timmy Jan 10 at 6:49
  • @timmy enemy3() is just def enemy3(enemyx, enemyy): game_display.blit(enemyImg, (enemyx, enemyy)) but i know it works, the problem is in the if statement – BOBTHEBUILDER Jan 10 at 6:59
  • well i don't see any increments of your loop_count , anyway since you said it loop_counterworks most probably the inputs your sending it are wrong – timmy Jan 10 at 7:25
  • @timmy, don't worry the problem is solved – BOBTHEBUILDER Jan 10 at 9:01

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