Is there any tool available to convert multipage tiff files to JPG,PNG..etc?

I was using sharp, a module from node.js to convert tiff images to the formats I wish. But it seems that it can't convert those single tiff file with multiple pages compressed (it converts just the first page)


Any node.js module is going to use ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick underneath, so you need these binary files on your $PATH. If you're using OSX, make sure you have the brew package manager, and then run:

brew install imagemagick
brew install graphicsmagick

Now, there's a simple node.js module tiff-to-png you can install:

$ npm install tiff-to-png

Then make a simple script like below:

const ConvertTiff = require('tiff-to-png');
const glob = require('glob');

// cwd option sets the current-working-directory
// that tiff-to-png runs from.
let options = {
  cwd: '/path/to/rootDir/of/tiffs'

let location = '/path/to/output/pictures';
let converter = new ConvertTiff(options);

// for Files
let forFiles = (err, files) => {
  if (err) console.log(err);
  converter.convertArray(files, location);

// glob it.
glob('**/*.tif', options, forFiles);

Now, if your multipage tif files are not being split properly. There are two commands you should have after installing the imagemagick and graphicsmagick libraries: tiffcp and tiffsplit.

Sometimes it is improper compression that causes the failure you're seeing. Use tiffcp -c none orig.tif fixed.tif to remove troublesome compression. Then run tiffsplit fixed.tif prefixForSplitFile- and you should get multiple files in a multipage tiff.

Finally, for converting to formats outside PNG, and for more advanced image processing with Image/GraphicsMagick using node.js install the gm module, which can run the above commands all from node.js.


The Best module is imagemagick http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php. You can use this to do most image translations / conversions,

At a command prompt, just type ...

npm install imagemagick
npm install tiff-to-png
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