l try to installed ffmpeg in linux(SUSE). l was download ffmpeg-4.1.tar.bz2 and compile it with following command:
 ./configure --enable-shared --enable-gpl --enable-libx264 --prefix=/data/icbc/ffmpeg/ffmpegsetup
This command has downed, however when it running an issue was happened at the beginning:    sed: invalid option -- 'E' . 

Question 1: l am not sure if this issue will effect ffmpeg working. l search with google, sed has no -E options. After l intalled ffmpeg on linux(SUSE), l test ffmpeg -verion can work, however when l test ffmpeg -i test.mp4 abc.avi it shows following issue: [AVFilterGraph @0xxxxxxxx] No such filter: 'null' Question 2: Can you give me any suggestion about this issue?thanks

the attachments are two issues, please have a look. Question 1 issue image

Question 2 issue image

  • You should ask one question per post. Please copy and paste the complete log text instead of making images of the incomplete log text. The configure line in your image is truncated, and it looks different than the configure line you provided in your question. You may be encountering bug #7310: try compiling source code from the git master branch instead of the release version 4.1. Show output of sed --help and sed --version. – llogan Jan 10 at 18:18

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