In FFMPEG sofftware, AVPicture is used to store image data using data pointer and linesizes.It means all subtitles are stored in the form of picture inside ffmpeg. Now I have DVB subtitle and I want to dump picture of subtitles stored in AVPicture in a buffer. I know these images subtitles can be dump using for, fopen and sprintf. But do not know how to dump Subtitle.I have to dump subtitles in .ppm file format.

Can anyone help me to dump picture of subtitles in buffer from AVSubtitle .

  • AVPicture is deprecated long ago. I think you mean AVFrame instead. And possibly update your ffmpeg installation first. – the kamilz Jan 11 at 9:00

This process looks complex but actually very simple.
AVSubtitle is generic format, supports text and bitmap modes. Dvbsub format afaik bitmap only and the bitmap format can be differ like 16color or 256color mode as called CLUT_DEPTH.
I believe (in current ffmpeg) the bitmaps stored in AVSubtitleRect structure, which is member of AVSubtitle.
I assume you have a valid AVSubtitle packet(s) and if I understand correctly you can do these and it should work:
1) Check pkt->rect[0]->type. The pkt here is a valid AVSubtitle packet. It must be type of SUBTITLE_BITMAP.
2) If so, bitmap with and height can be read from pkt->rects[0]->w and pkt->rects[0]->h.
3) Bitmap data itself in will be pkt->rects[0]->data[0].
4) CLUT_DEPTH can be read from pkt->rects[0]->nb_colors.
5) And CLUT itself (color table) will be in pkt->rects[0]->data[1].

With these data, you can construct a valid .bmp file that can be viewable on windows or linux desktop, but I left this part to you.

PPM Info

First check this info about PPM format:

What I understand is PPM format uses RGB values (24bit/3bytes). It looks like to me all you have to do is construct a header according to data obtained from AVSubtitle packet above. And write a conversion function for dvbsub's indexed color buffer to RGB. I'm pretty sure somewhere there are some ready to use codes out there but I'll explain anyway.
In the picture frame data Dvbsub uses is liner and every pixel is 1 byte (even in 16color mode). This byte value is actually index value that correspond RGB (?) values stored in Color Look-Up Table (CLUT), in 16 color mode there are 16 index each 4 bytes, first 3 are R, G, B values and 4th one is alpha (transparency values, if PPM doesn't support this, ignore it).

I'm not sure if decoded subtitle still has encoded YUV values. I remember it should be plain RGBA format.

encode_dvb_subtitles function on ffmpeg shows how this encoding done. If you need it.

Hope that helps.

  • Sorry to say but I know all the things that you told me. Main thing is construct a valid .bmp file that can be viewable in linux desktop. I know all the functionality of data and linesize theoritical. But I do not how to print . Please also help in this to construct a .bmp file. – Rishabh Garg Jan 11 at 19:02
  • With these all data I will create .bmp file but if I want to create .ppm format file. How can I achive this. – Rishabh Garg Jan 14 at 4:31

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