Problem description: I used the captured H264 frames and AAC frames to encode the fmp4 (fargment MP4) file, but finally found that the audio and video playback was out of sync and caused video lag.

My audio and video source data parameters are:

H264:15 frames /s (only I/P frames)

PCM: sampling rate: 16KHz mono channel ---- -> is encoded into AAC data (about 10 frames/second), and the frame rate is not fixed, just roughly.

Encoding fmp4 file parameters:


Time scale :12288 (0 x00003000)

Duration: the internal Duration calculated by converting the time difference between this frame and the previous frame of the actual h264 frame


Time scale : 44100 (0 x0000ac44)

Duration: a fixed value of 1024 (I found it on the Internet but I don't know how) In addition, because the encoding frames of the source data are not uniform, sometimes the audio data in the generated moof+ mdat box is very small (only one or two frames), I don't know whether this will have an impact

Who can tell me how these parameters should be set and how they relate to each other?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • A/V being not in sync is not necessarily caused by sample durations that you are looking at here. Does it drift apart (further) over time? It could very well be an issue with the audio/video encoders not being synchronized. – jmsn Jan 12 at 16:53

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