A simple Android app written in Delphi XE10.2 FireMonkey renders fonts really badly, with no (or faulty) antialiasing. This affects just the controls (buttons, labels, edits etc), the texts drawn directly on canvas are OK. The scale is not 1 and neither has to be (it’s actually 0.66), all controls are on a TLayout, the form’s native height is 600 pixels, and I compute the scale using the simple formula of

scale := Screen.Size.height / 600;

Setting the main form’s TForm.quality to TCanvasQuality.HighQuality doesn’t help either.

The Android device is an Android 8.0 car head unit (Based on PX5 mainboard) but this doesn’t have to matter too much. (Though on smartphones everything is OK.) Any idea, please?

  • I recommend you check to see if your application might not be running in Software Rendering mode. I don't have direct experience using FMX on Android devices but I remember having some problems on my older laptop where by default FMX will always run in Software Rendering mode unless I force it into Hardware rendering mode. The cause for that was FMX seen my graphics card to be to weak for Hardware Rendering. But when I forced it to Hardware Rendering everything worked fine and smooth. So perhaps you are experiencing something similar. – SilverWarior Jan 10 at 16:57

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