I was wondering if there is a way to differentiate between different logical (software) threads in gem5. I am trying to collect some stats for each logical thread and so far all I could find in gem5 is access to physical threads. I know that logical threads is the responsibility of the OS but is there anyway for gem5 to access the logical thread ID.

One option is to pin threads to cores but this only works if the number of cores is at least equal to the number of logical threads. However, I will need to run some experiments where the number of logical threads exceed the number of cores, in which case, multiple logical threads will be assigned to the same core and in order to differentiate between them I need the logical thread ID.

Thank you very much in advance.


For arm64 full system Linux, I believe that if you build the kernel with CONFIG_PID_IN_CONTEXTIDR, then each process runs with an unique CONTEXTIDR_EL1, which shows on --debug-flag Exec.

For other archs, see the replies to the mailing list question: https://www.mail-archive.com/gem5-users@gem5.org/msg16228.html

Please always clarify if you are working on full system, or syscall emulation if that seems to make a difference, as the replies can be quite different.

  • Thanks, Ciro, for your reply. I am using full system with X86 cores. Sorry for not mentioning that earlier. – Shehab Jan 12 at 4:00

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