I'm following this tutorial: https://pyts.readthedocs.io/en/latest/auto_examples/plot_gaf.html in order to generate GADF and GASF matrix.

Everything works well. I only need to save, as png, the results contained in X_gasf[0] but I don't know how do it.

I already tried this:

fig = plt.imshow(X_gadf[0], cmap='rainbow', aspect='equal')
plt.savefig(GADF_path + filename, pad_inches=0, bbox_inches='tight')

This code works, but still gives me a white border around the image (it is very important for me not to have any white border).

I also tried this:

# Test 1
matplotlib.image.imsave(filename, X_gadf[0])

# Test 2
im = Image.fromarray(X_gadf[0], mode='HSV')
im.save(GADF_path + filename)

# Test 3
imsave(filename, X_gadf[0])

But none of these solutions works. It seems that X_gadf[0] is a strange type of image which I cannot manage.

Any ideas?

  • "It seems that X_gadf[0] is a strange type of image" It would help if you told us what it is. Show type(X_gadf[0]), and if it is a numpy array, show X_gadf[0].dtype and X_gadf[0].shape. – Warren Weckesser Jan 10 at 19:23
  • type(X_gadf[0]) return to me: <type 'numpy.ndarray'>. X_gadf[0].dtype return to me float64. X_gadf[0].shape return to me (40L, 40L) – Steve Jan 10 at 19:36
  • Thanks. You also said about your attempts to save the image that "none of these solutions works." It would be easier for someone to help you if you explain what that means. Why didn't it work? What happened? Did you get an error? Did you get an image that didn't look the way you expected it to? – Warren Weckesser Jan 10 at 19:42
  • matplotlib.image.imsave(filename, X_gadf[0]) for example save a png file with all colors wrong. cv2.imread(X_gadf[0]) says TypeError: expected string or Unicode object, numpy.ndarray found. – Steve Jan 11 at 8:56

Did you try this?

matplotlib.image.imsave(filename, X_gasf[0], cmap='rainbow')

Looking at the documentation, it seems you have forgot the cmap='rainbow'

  • Wait, I'll try right now. – Steve Jan 11 at 9:07
  • It works! Thank you. – Steve Jan 11 at 9:11

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