I'm trying to stream video from an RTP server (currently VLC for testing) and decode it in Java. To do this, I'm using JavaCV to decode the incoming stream. Here's what I have so far:

try {
    grabber = new FFmpegFrameGrabber("rtp://localhost:5004/test");
    Java2DFrameConverter converter = new Java2DFrameConverter();
    while (true) {
        Frame frame = grabber.grab();
        imageToDraw = frame != null ? converter.convert(frame) : null;
        // goes off to paint a widget on a window, see https://git.io/fhZSr for more context
} catch (Exception e) {
    // TODO: Discover what circumstances cause this

On VLC, my stream settings are set like this:

  • Destination stream: RTP/TS (address localhost, port 5004, and stream name test.)
  • Transcoding active, set to "Video - H.264 + MP3 (TS)" preset:
    • MPEG-TS encapsulation
    • h.264 video with MPEG audio
  • Stream all elementary streams is off.

I can get one VLC instance to stream to another with these settings (with the "client" VLC receiving from rtp://localhost:5004/test), and it works just fine. (The only issues arise from having a weak test machine not suited transcoding high res video.)

Switch over to Java, and all I can see is gray frames with a spat of color here and there. The console is also screaming the whole way through. Some snippets (the full log is too long to be a reasonable post, but it can be found here if you really want it):

[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] cabac decode of qscale diff failed at 8 12
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] error while decoding MB 8 12, bytestream 670
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] concealing 421 DC, 421 AC, 421 MV errors in P frame

[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] Reference 4 >= 2
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] error while decoding MB 25 8, bytestream 416
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] concealing 556 DC, 556 AC, 556 MV errors in B frame

[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] Reference 5 >= 4
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] error while decoding MB 21 1, bytestream 6042
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] concealing 826 DC, 826 AC, 826 MV errors in P frame
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] Invalid NAL unit 8, skipping.
[above line repeats 5x]
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] top block unavailable for requested intra mode
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] error while decoding MB 3 0, bytestream 730
[h264 @ 0x7f6c4c3502c0] concealing 836 DC, 836 AC, 836 MV errors in P frame

Is there something I am clearly doing wrong?


I would assume that you have to tell FFmpegFrameGrabber the correct format and codes. Your format is not H.264 since you are sending a MPEG-2 Transport Stream. Try setting the format (setFormat) to "mpegts". The video codec to some H.264 decoder and the audio codec to some MPEG-2 Layer 3 decoder (MP3).

The assume the error messages are resulting from the H.264 decoder trying to read a MEPG-2 Transport Stream.

  • For me, calling grabber.setFormat("ts") throws av_find_input_format() error: Could not find input format "ts". Not sure how to handle that. – c.berger Jan 11 at 18:03
  • Please try "mpegts". – Markus Schumann Jan 11 at 19:26

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