I found ffmpeg library pretty good for converting from mp3 to wav. I'm using this library to convert:


Then I want to do this steps:

  • determinate songs tempo
  • convert it into wav
  • slice the song into segments according to bpm: for example per bar or per 1/2 note.

I haven't found any command that I can determinate bpm. Maybe you guys know if ffmpeg can actually do it, or advice another library that can handle this problem

  • You need to get more than a single bpm value in order to describe all the beats in a song; you need to know the timing of every single beat. Tempos created by humans tend to "wander" slightly over the course of a song. ...And I'm no ffmpeg expert, but no -- it can't do that. – greeble31 Jan 10 at 22:46
  • Maybe I can do some frequency analysis using FFT and then slice the beats according to high energy levels. I think that's how tempo is detected – alexey polusov Jan 10 at 22:57
  • Some googling led me to this. Skimmed it; looks good. – greeble31 Jan 10 at 23:39

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