I work on Chrome extension, i need to update lot of inputs of an html page made with React from numbers readed from CSV. I cannot update the web site.

- An example of input copied from the rendered website :

  <td><input class="input input_small fpInput" value="29,4"></td>

- How it's made (not sure 100% about that, had to read the uglified js source)

    key: "render",
    value: function () {
        return s.a.createElement("input", {
            className: "input input_small fpInput",
            value: this.state.value,
            onChange: this.handleChange,
            onBlur: this.handleSubmit,
            onFocus: this.handleFocus

- Each time you change the input value a function is called and a POST is made to save it.

I want to trigger the onBlur() or onChange() from my extension after i changed the input value to trigger the POST

I tried this :

var el = document. ... .querySelector('input'); // the selector is simplied of course
el.value = 321;
el.onChange();  // ERROR onChange is not a function
el.onchange();  // ERROR onchange is not a function
el.handleChange(); // ERROR handleChange is not a function

Any idea please ?

  • You can do it without dispatching an event via document.execCommand with insertText parameter. – wOxxOm Jan 11 at 4:19

To elaborate a bit more on @varoons answer, which is factually correct albeit a bit short on explanation.

You can do so by injecting (dispatching, in browser terms) the event into the dom:

// Needs setAttribute to work well with React and everything, just `.value` doesn't cut it
// Also changed it to a string, as all attributes are strings (even for <input type="number" />)
el.setAttribute("value", "321"); 

// As @wOxxOm pointed out, we need to pass `{ bubbles: true }` to the options,
// as React listens on the document element and not the individual input elements
el.dispatchEvent(new Event("change", { bubbles: true }));
el.dispatchEvent(new Event("blur", { bubbles: true }));

This will actually call all the listeners, even those made with React (as is the case in your de-uglyfied code ;)) or made with simple element.onChange = () => {...} listeners.

Example: https://codesandbox.io/s/kml7m2nn4r

  • @wOxxOM what did you mean please ? the answers did not work for me :( – AlainIb Jan 11 at 10:23
  • @AlainIb Actually I forgot something important (apart from bubbles: true) I'll update the answer! – Michiel Dral Jan 11 at 12:41
  • @wOxxOm You are right, it needs { bubbles: true } ! Thanks :) – Michiel Dral Jan 11 at 13:24
  • it work nice thank you for help – AlainIb Jan 15 at 10:04
el.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("change"))
  • Just Event is fine, no need for Custom since you don't pass any data. – wOxxOm Jan 11 at 4:16

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