When using TypeScript in conjunction with Jest, my specs would fail with error messages like:

test/unit/some.spec.ts:1:1 - error TS2582: Cannot find name 'describe'. Do you need to install type definitions for a test runner? Try `npm i @types/jest` or `npm i @types/mocha`.
test/unit/some.spec.ts:2:3 - error TS2582: Cannot find name 'it'. Do you need to install type definitions for a test runner? Try `npm i @types/jest` or `npm i @types/mocha`.
test/unit/some.spec.ts:3:7 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'expect'.
test/unit/some.spec.ts:7:1 - error TS2582: Cannot find name 'test'. Do you need to install type definitions for a test runner? Try `npm i @types/jest` or `npm i @types/mocha`.

The types are already installed.

I use:

    "@types/jest": "^23.3.12",
    "jest": "^23.6.0",
    "ts-jest": "^23.10.5",
    "typescript": "^3.1.6"

I run tests using jest --forceExit --coverage --verbose

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I'm using VSCode as my IDE and in my Angular project, I had to comment-out/remove types in tsconfig.json and add jest in types at tsconfig.spec.json.


  "compilerOptions": {
    // "types": []


  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": ["jest", "node"]
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    I also had to remove "typeRoots" from my tsconfig file, which was apparently overriding "types".
    – Freewalker
    Dec 3 '19 at 18:44
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    @Freekwalker -- deleting typeRoots fixed it for me
    – giantqtipz
    Mar 28 '21 at 4:18
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    Note: you only need to add "jest" to compilerOptions.types if it's already defined in your tsconfig. If omitted entirely, the default behavior for that setting is to include all type under node_modules/@jest. I encountered this problem because my project was misconfigured with types: [], but after removing it entirely I got correctly typed Jest stuff. By defining it the way it's shown in this solution, you're losing implicit inclusion of other types under node_modules/@types (which isn't bad, just a side effect to be aware of).
    – Mark
    Jul 21 '21 at 15:55
  • I helped a coworker with this issue; you need types under compilerOptions. FYI for others who have this problem and happen to miss this detail Dec 8 '21 at 17:35

It's a bit tricky one because both: your IDE (i.e. VSCode) and TypeScript use tsconfig.json for their own purpose.

Simple checklist to solve the initial problem:

(for TypeScript and Jest)

  1. Make sure you have @types/jest and @types/node installed.
  2. Make sure you have linked these types in tsconfig.json so that: types: ["jest", "node"]
  3. Make sure you don't have your tests or the tests directory excluded from tsconfig.json configuration in excluded property.

Side-effect on transpilation

If you transpile from TypeScript to JavaScript using tsc or any custom module that relies on tsconfig.json then you may notice that your tests will be transpiled too in such case (you'll see their .js correspondence in your build directory).

However, in most of the cases you will have either:

  1. separate tsconfig.prod.json with configuration that overwrites the default one. There are many settings like inlineSource, sourceMaps, inlineSourceMaps which you'd probably want to disable too and then use tsc --project tsconfig.prod.json to build
  2. terminal (npm/yarn script) command that overwrites the default config with the specific flags. Example: npx tsc --inlineSourceMap false --declarationMap false --inlineSources false --sourceMap false. At that point you can use --excludeFiles or --excludeDirectories flag to exclude your tests from the build as per documentation.

The alternative is to use package like rimraf and delete unnecessary files as a part of the build process. Might be less complex than overwriting the configuration and easier to maintain as a build step. In such case you may use the command: yarn rimraf build/**/*.test.js

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    What I found is that if I remove , "*/.spec.ts" from the "excluded" property in tsconfig.json, then the red underline in VS Code goes away for "describe" in .spec files, however those files are now output into /lib folder as part of the package. It seems like there is no way to exclude .spec files from the package, but include partially to get 'describe` errors to go away?
    – Ross
    Apr 15 '20 at 23:40
  • @Ross just amended my post Apr 20 '20 at 16:04
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    For me, I also needed to add the "test/" directory to the "include"-section of my tsconfig.json and then it worked. This answer gave me the idea that this might be something that needs to be done. Oct 21 '20 at 6:21
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    I think this is the most complete answer, However, it's very important to restart VSCode. In my case, I didn't restart which wasted me tons of time. Nov 26 '20 at 5:20
  • @Janiwu Chen, in my case it was enough to close and re-open the file without restarting (VSCode at Ubuntu) but fair advice!. Nov 26 '20 at 10:38

None of the above fixed my issue. I had to add "@types/jest" to the types array in the tsconfig.json file.

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    Thanks, it works for my project which is using typescript and typescript-eslint
    – swen
    Oct 21 '20 at 15:07
  • Thank you! btw, in my case it's a mono repo with multiple packages in it and this answer was the only one that fixed the problem. I added it on the root tsconfig.json
    – awdk
    Jul 23 '21 at 2:20

This worked for me:

import '@types/jest';
  • Nice quick fix!
    – alex1997
    Sep 9 '21 at 8:23

After fiddling with the tsconfig.json for a while I finally figured, that commenting the "types": [], will work.

failing config (before)

// tsconfig.json
  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": []

working config

// tsconfig.json
  "compilerOptions": {
    // "types": []
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    Or add jest to types: "types": ["jest"]
    – hoefling
    Jan 11 '19 at 1:26
  • @Madeo did you add the @types/jest to the dev dependencies in your package.json?
    – Ronin
    Sep 13 '19 at 7:33
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    Yes, I have added that, plus I have imported them into my test file. I have played with excludes and types, but nothing. Everything runs nicely, just that complaint from the compiler =(
    – Matteo
    Sep 13 '19 at 8:03
  • Works in 2019 November
    – George C.
    Nov 9 '19 at 16:50

The only way I was able to fix this, was by adding the tests/ folder to "include" in the tsconfig.json file:

"include": [

For those who also have eslint complaining, you need to add jest to your .eslintrc.json file:

"env": {
  "es2020": true,
  "node": true,
  "jest": true
  • Thank you, adding to include was the only thing that helped here too!
    – chitzui
    May 26 '21 at 11:17

You have to import jest in your test file:

import 'jest';

Another way to solve is adding in your tsconfig.json file:

   "compilerOptions": {
     "types": [ "node", "jest" ],
     "moduleResolution": "node"

If you are using tslint, the problem may be a not necessary comma at the end of your tsconfig.json, for example:

  "compileOnSave": true,
  "include": [
  ],  // remove this comma
  • Yeah extra comma was my issue. Thank you
    – smmaca
    Nov 5 '20 at 2:40
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    import 'jest' helps, I'm trying to use custom tsconfig.json location Apr 19 '21 at 6:51

You need to include in tsconfig.json your test path.

Example: suppose you named your path to tests/ and put it in root project directory, you need to specify in "include" param from tsconfig to look out for testes files:

  1. Go to: tsconfig.json
  2. Add:
"include": [
  • <file_test_extension>: ts | js | etc.

Hope to help

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    but this will start copying test files to lib folder which will get deployed Feb 17 '20 at 15:15

The below configuration works for me. I added node_modules/@types to typeRoots.

  "compilerOptions": {
    // ...rest of my settings
    "typeRoots": ["node_modules/@types"],
    "types": ["jest", "node"]
  • That worked for me, I've added node_modules/@types to the typeRoots and removed types field from tsconfig
    – Vlad Rose
    Dec 3 '21 at 7:30

In my case (vs code, create-react-app, yarn workspaces, jest@26, @types/jest, "types": ["node", "jest"] present in tsconfig.json) tests were running OK but IDE was underlining with red all describe and it. Nothing helped until I reloaded VS Code Window after trying quite long 🤦‍♂️😆

  • Yes, i closed and reopened VS Code completely, then it worked =) Thanks
    – para
    Jan 28 '21 at 11:15

You can have a separate tsconfig.json in the test folder __tests__:

    "extends": "../tsconfig.json",
    "compilerOptions": {
        "baseUrl": "./",
        "outDir": "../build",
        "noEmit": true,
        "rootDir": "../",
    "exclude": ["node_modules"],

which extends the one in the root folder:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "es6",
    "module": "commonjs",
    "moduleResolution": "node",
    "outDir": "./lib",
    "rootDir": "./src",
    "strict": true,
    "noImplicitAny": true,
    "esModuleInterop": true,
  "exclude": ["node_modules", "**/*.test.ts", "__tests__"]

This way you tests files still get excluded from the public build, but still get to share all the common options.

If you are using includes instead of or in conjunction with excludes, make sure to use that in your extension as well, eg:


  "includes": ["src"],


  "extends": "../tsconfig.json"
  "includes": ["../"]

This won't change what gets included in your build folder, but it will allow VSCode to find your jest types


You need to include in tsconfig.json your test path.

I solved the problem by having a tsconfig.json and a tsconfig.build.json in my project root. tsconfig.json contains all options including

"include": ["src/**/*", "test/**/*"],


  "extends": "./tsconfig.json",
  "include": ["src/**/*"]

Then in package.json (clean script optional):

"scripts": {
  "clean": "rm -rf dist",
  "build": "npm run clean && tsc --build tsconfig.prod.json,
  • This was the fix for me. I had the tests excluded in my tsconfig.json file because I didn't want them compiling to the dist folder. I ended up creating a separate tsconfig.build.json with the exclude in there, but left it included in the tsconfig.json and now the warnings are gone, and the tests excluded from the build. Thanks!
    – amrinea
    Nov 11 '21 at 16:46

@Greg Woz is the most completed answer, for my case, for some reason, the initial tsconfig.json file contains "exclude": ["node_modules", "**/__tests__/*"], Which is the root cause. After removed "**/__tests__/*". And make sure it also include: "types": ["jest"]. It works.

Also important to restart Vscode after configuration changes. It wastes me hours of time trying all the different ways without restarting it.

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    oh my gah thank you for mentioning that YOU NEED TO RESTART VSCODE! That was my issue this whole time. I spent an hour trying to change my config to no avail, not knowing that a vscode restart was necessary.
    – Steph M
    Dec 2 '20 at 18:07
  • 1
    thx man. :) .... f**** restart cost me make all steps from answer above :P
    – Robert
    Jan 2 '21 at 17:18

For lerna monorepo users

I'm running a lerna monorepo and here's what I had to do to fix it:

  1. Ensure "@types/jest" is in the devDependencies of package.json of both the root package as well as the individual package in the packages/ directory, and you have run lerna bootstrap to install / link those packages in your node_modules directories
  2. Ensure the "types": ["node", "jest"] piece is in your root tsconfig.json.
  3. I added import 'jest'; to the top of my individual *.test.ts files.
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    Im a lerna monorepo user and I approve this message Jun 1 '21 at 20:31
  • 2
    I'm a lerna monorepo user, and I absolutely refuse to add 'import jest' in my test files. Luckily, the first two steps seem to be all I needed. Jul 1 '21 at 1:58

Another thing that could be wrong is if you have opened vscode in a parent directory above your project. This happened to me because we are using Visual Studio solutions and I had the entire solution open not just the project.

Simply put, make sure vscode is open to the root of your project.


In my case, the problem was in one particular file. I hadn't found the issue itself but it was cured by adding import {} from 'jest' to file's imports.

No other way from jest issue tracker or SO or wherenot did help. Just some crazy bug fixed by some crazy workaround 🤷‍♂️

Yes, and I added the latest jest, ts-jest and @types/jest to package.json of course

  • If you're going to import something, then is better to import the "describe" and "it" functions or whatever you need from jest Nov 14 '19 at 18:44
  • 4
    I used mocha but had the same problem, VSCode was complaining about describe and the other types missing even with .eslintrc overriding env with mocha. Adding a file in my test dir only doing import { describe, before, it } from 'mocha' solved the error in VSCode. Feb 8 '20 at 2:16

None of the above solutions above helped me

I was using:

  • Angular 11
  • Jest
  • Uninstalled anything related to Jasmine/Karma
  • .spec files are in same folder as components (auto-gen from ng g)

What worked for me was adding exclude to tsconfig.app.json (not tsconfig.json) to ignore all spec files when serving the app.


"exclude": [

ng s and npm test now works for me.


The solution suggested by @Freewalker in comments can easily be missed. removing "typeRoots" from tsconfig file, which was apparently overriding "types" - resolved the issue.


What worked for me.

This is happening in VS Code. You need to run npm i --save-dev @types/jest, and in your


you need to place

"jest" in the types under "compilerOptions"


"types": ["gapi", "gapi.auth2", "jest"],

and you are done.


I am using mocha, chai and chai-http for testing a Node Express.js project. I was not using types in compilerOptions earlier, but adding below setting in tsconfig.json made it work for me:

  "compilerOptions": {
    // ...rest of my settings
    "types": ["mocha", "chai", "chai-http"]

Do you need install ts-jest dependency in your project

yarn add ts-jest -D

In your jest.config.ts file you need to set the line containing preset: undefined to preset: 'ts-jest'

// A preset that is used as a base for Jest's configuration
preset: 'ts-jest',

There can be multiple reasons:

  1. If @types/jest is not installed try installing it and in the tsconfig.json define the types for example "typeRoots": ["node_modules/@types/", "./src/@types/", ".src/**/@types/"]

  2. VS code issue: try to open the vs code in the project directory rather than opening it in its parent directory.

import {} from 'jasmine';

Add the above line to the code. Hope this would solve the issue.


I installed ts-jest with npm i -D ts-jest and error disappeared


I was missing tsconfig.json, and all I had to do was run tsc --init and vs code did not complain about "describe" anymore:

  "compilerOptions": {
    /* Visit https://aka.ms/tsconfig.json to read more about this file */

    /* Basic Options */
    // "incremental": true,                   /* Enable incremental compilation */
    "target": "es5",                          /* Specify ECMAScript target version: 'ES3' (default), 'ES5', 'ES2015', 'ES2016', 'ES2017', 'ES2018', 'ES2019', 'ES2020', or 'ESNEXT'. */
    "module": "commonjs",                     /* Specify module code generation: 'none', 'commonjs', 'amd', 'system', 'umd', 'es2015', 'es2020', or 'ESNext'. */
    // "lib": [],                             /* Specify library files to be included in the compilation. */
    // "allowJs": true,                       /* Allow javascript files to be compiled. */
    // "checkJs": true,                       /* Report errors in .js files. */
    // "jsx": "preserve",                     /* Specify JSX code generation: 'preserve', 'react-native', or 'react'. */
    // "declaration": true,                   /* Generates corresponding '.d.ts' file. */
    // "declarationMap": true,                /* Generates a sourcemap for each corresponding '.d.ts' file. */
    // "sourceMap": true,                     /* Generates corresponding '.map' file. */
    // "outFile": "./",                       /* Concatenate and emit output to single file. */
    // "outDir": "./",                        /* Redirect output structure to the directory. */
    // "rootDir": "./",                       /* Specify the root directory of input files. Use to control the output directory structure with --outDir. */
    // "composite": true,                     /* Enable project compilation */
    // "tsBuildInfoFile": "./",               /* Specify file to store incremental compilation information */
    // "removeComments": true,                /* Do not emit comments to output. */
    // "noEmit": true,                        /* Do not emit outputs. */
    // "importHelpers": true,                 /* Import emit helpers from 'tslib'. */
    // "downlevelIteration": true,            /* Provide full support for iterables in 'for-of', spread, and destructuring when targeting 'ES5' or 'ES3'. */
    // "isolatedModules": true,               /* Transpile each file as a separate module (similar to 'ts.transpileModule'). */

    /* Strict Type-Checking Options */
    "strict": true,                           /* Enable all strict type-checking options. */
    // "noImplicitAny": true,                 /* Raise error on expressions and declarations with an implied 'any' type. */
    // "strictNullChecks": true,              /* Enable strict null checks. */
    // "strictFunctionTypes": true,           /* Enable strict checking of function types. */
    // "strictBindCallApply": true,           /* Enable strict 'bind', 'call', and 'apply' methods on functions. */
    // "strictPropertyInitialization": true,  /* Enable strict checking of property initialization in classes. */
    // "noImplicitThis": true,                /* Raise error on 'this' expressions with an implied 'any' type. */
    // "alwaysStrict": true,                  /* Parse in strict mode and emit "use strict" for each source file. */

    /* Additional Checks */
    // "noUnusedLocals": true,                /* Report errors on unused locals. */
    // "noUnusedParameters": true,            /* Report errors on unused parameters. */
    // "noImplicitReturns": true,             /* Report error when not all code paths in function return a value. */
    // "noFallthroughCasesInSwitch": true,    /* Report errors for fallthrough cases in switch statement. */
    // "noUncheckedIndexedAccess": true,      /* Include 'undefined' in index signature results */

    /* Module Resolution Options */
    // "moduleResolution": "node",            /* Specify module resolution strategy: 'node' (Node.js) or 'classic' (TypeScript pre-1.6). */
    // "baseUrl": "./",                       /* Base directory to resolve non-absolute module names. */
    // "paths": {},                           /* A series of entries which re-map imports to lookup locations relative to the 'baseUrl'. */
    // "rootDirs": [],                        /* List of root folders whose combined content represents the structure of the project at runtime. */
    // "typeRoots": [],                       /* List of folders to include type definitions from. */
    // "types": [],                           /* Type declaration files to be included in compilation. */
    // "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true,  /* Allow default imports from modules with no default export. This does not affect code emit, just typechecking. */
    "esModuleInterop": true,                  /* Enables emit interoperability between CommonJS and ES Modules via creation of namespace objects for all imports. Implies 'allowSyntheticDefaultImports'. */
    // "preserveSymlinks": true,              /* Do not resolve the real path of symlinks. */
    // "allowUmdGlobalAccess": true,          /* Allow accessing UMD globals from modules. */

    /* Source Map Options */
    // "sourceRoot": "",                      /* Specify the location where debugger should locate TypeScript files instead of source locations. */
    // "mapRoot": "",                         /* Specify the location where debugger should locate map files instead of generated locations. */
    // "inlineSourceMap": true,               /* Emit a single file with source maps instead of having a separate file. */
    // "inlineSources": true,                 /* Emit the source alongside the sourcemaps within a single file; requires '--inlineSourceMap' or '--sourceMap' to be set. */

    /* Experimental Options */
    // "experimentalDecorators": true,        /* Enables experimental support for ES7 decorators. */
    // "emitDecoratorMetadata": true,         /* Enables experimental support for emitting type metadata for decorators. */

    /* Advanced Options */
    "skipLibCheck": true,                     /* Skip type checking of declaration files. */
    "forceConsistentCasingInFileNames": true  /* Disallow inconsistently-cased references to the same file. */


I found a similar issue was caused by a version number mismatch between @types/jest and jest

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